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Professional Profile


Primary Appointment
College of Agriculture, Food and Environment

Associate Member
Center of Nutritional Sciences
Center of Membrane Sciences


Postdoctoral Fellow: Milk protein chemistry, Cornell University, 1989-1990.
Ph.D.: Muscle protein functionality, Washington State University, 1989.
M.S.: Proteolysis and meat tenderness, Oregon State University, 1985.
B.S.: Carbohydrate chemistry & technology, Jiangnan University (formerly Wuxi University of Light Industry), China, 1982.


Research (75%)

Physical, biochemical, and functional properties of muscle, dairy and legume proteins; oxidative changes in proteins and lipids during food processing and storage; development of natural antioxidants and bioactive peptides; textural properties of meat, dairy and soy products; interactions among food ingredients in value-added meat and poultry products; postmortem muscle proteolysis; aquatic products (fish and crustaceans).

Research supported by grants (>$5 million) from USDA NRI/AFRI, USDA CBGP, NIHS, KCA, KSA, KSEF, and various food/nutrition companies.

Teaching (25%)

Food Chemistry (FSC 434G, 4 credits)
Food Proteins (FSC 638, 3 credits)
Advanced Meat Science (FSC 630, 4 credits)
Experiential Learning in Food Science (FSC 399, 1-6 credits)


Fellow. International Academy of Food Science and Technology, 2016.
Bertebos Prize, Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry, 2015
George E. Mitchell Outstanding Faculty Service to Graduate Students Award, Gamma Sigma Delta University of Kentucky Chapter, 2013.
Division Lectureship Award, Food Chemistry Division, Institute of Food Technologists, 2012.
Fellow. American Chemical Society, Ag & Food Chem. Div. 2012.
Fellow. Institute of Food Technologists, 2010.
University Research Professor, 2011.
Thomas Poe Cooper Distinguished Research Award, College of Agriculture, University of Kentucky, 2009.
Yangtze Scholar, Jiangnan University, China. 2006.
Distinguished Research Award, American Meat Science Association, 1999.
Young Scientist Award, American Chemical Society, Ag & Food Chem. Div. 1997.
Achievement Award, American Meat Science Association, 1995.
Scientific Editor, Journal of Food Science, 2012-present.
Associate Editor, Journal of Food Science, 2010-2012.
Associate Editor, Food Bioscience, 2012-present.
Biochemistry Section Editor, Journal of Muscle Foods, 2008-2009.
Editorial board, Journal of Muscle Foods, 1995-2009.
Editorial board, Food Science and Human Wellness, 2012-present.

Recent Journal Publications (Out of >200)

Jiang, J. and Xiong, Y.L. 2014. Technologies and mechanisms for safety control of ready-to-eat muscle foods: an updated review. Crit. Rev. Food Sci. Nutr. (In press).

Delles, R.M., Xiong, Y.L., True, A.D., Ao, T., and Dawson, K.A. 2014. Dietary antioxidant supplementation enhances lipid and protein oxidative stability of chicken broiler meat through promotion of antioxidant enzyme activity. Poultry Sci. 93:1561-1570.

Jiang, J., Zhu, B., Liu, Y., and Xiong, Y.L. 2014. Interfacial structural role of pH-shifting processed pea protein in the oxidative stability of oil/water emulsions. J. Agric. Food Chem. 62:1683-1691.

Jiang, J., Zhang, X., True, A.D., Zhou, L., and Xiong, Y.L. 2013. Inhibition of lipid oxidation and rancidity in precooked pork patties by radical-scavenging licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) extract. J. Food Sci. 78:C1686-C1694.

Zhang, X., Xiong, Y.L., Chen, J., and Zhou, L. 2013. Synergistic inhibition of lipid oxidation by pea protein hydrolysate coupled with licorice extract in a liposomal model system. J. Agric. Food Chem. 61:8452-8461.

Liu, Z. and Xiong, Y.L. 2013. Oxidation desensitizes actomyosin to magnesium pyrophosphate-induced dissociation. Food Chem. 141:662-668.

Yang, H., Meng, P., Xiong, Y.L., Ma, L., Wang, C., and Zhu, Y. 2013. Oxidation in HiOx-packaged pork Longissimus muscle predisposes myofibrillar and sarcoplasmic proteins to N–nitrosamine formation in nitrite-curing solution. Meat Sci. 95:465-471.

Li, C., Xiong, Y.L., and Chen, J. 2013. Protein oxidation at different salt concentrations affects the cross-linking and gelation of pork myofibrillar protein catalyzed by microbial transglutaminase. J. Food Sci. 78:C823-831.

Huang, L., Xiong, Y.L., Kong, B., Huang, X., and Li, J. 2013. Influence of storage temperature and duration on lipid and protein oxidation and flavor changes in frozen pork dumpling filler. Meat Sci. 95:295-301.

Lamb, A., Payne, F., Xiong, Y.L., and Castillo, M. 2013. Optical backscatter method for determining thermal denaturation of β-lactoglobulin and other whey proteins in milk. J. Dairy Sci. 96:1356-1365.

Zhao, J., Xiong, Y.L., and McNear, D.H. 2013. Changes in structural characteristics of antioxidative soy protein hydrolysates resulting from scavenging of hydroxyl radicals. J. Food Sci. 78:C152-159.

Guo, X. and Xiong, Y.L. 2013. Characteristics and functional properties of buckwheat protein–sugar complexes prepared by controlled Maillard reaction. LWT – Food Sci. Technol. 51:397-404.

Wang, Y., Xiong, Y.L., Rentfrow, G.R., and Newman, M.C. 2013. Oxidation promotes cross-linking but impairs film-forming properties of whey proteins. J. Food Engineering. 115:11-19.

Jiang, J. and Xiong, Y.L. 2013. Extreme pH treatments enhance the structure-reinforcement role of soy protein isolate and its emulsions in pork myofibrillar protein gels in the presence of microbial transglutaminase. Meat Sci. 93:469-476.

Lesiow, T. and Xiong, Y.L. 2013. A simple, reliable and reproductive method to obtain experimental pale, soft and exudative (PSE) pork Meat Sci. 93:489-494.

Cui, X., Xiong, Y.L., Kong, B., Zhao, X., and Liu, N. 2012. Hydroxyl radical-stressed whey protein isolate: Chemical and structural properties. Food and Bioprocess Technol. 5:2454-2461.

Kong, B, Xiong, Y.L., Cui, X., and Zhao, X. 2012. Hydroxyl radical-stressed whey protein isolate: functional and rheological properties. Food and Bioprocess Technol. (In press).

Hong, G.-P. and Xiong, Y.L. 2012. Microbial transglutaminase-induced structural changes and interaction of cationic and anionic myofibrillar proteins. Meat Sci. 91:36-42.

Jia, N., Xiong, Y.L., Kong, B., Liu, Q., and Xia, X. 2012. Radical scavenging activity of black currant (Ribes nigrum L.) extract and its inhibitory effect on gastric cancer cell proliferation via induction of apoptosis. J. Functional Foods 4:382-390.

Kasankala, L.M., Xiong, Y.L., and Chen, J. 2012. Enzymatic activity and flavor compound production in fermented silver carp fish paste inoculated with douchi starter culture. J. Agric. Food Chem. 60:226-233.

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álvarez, A., Xiong, Y.L., Castillo, M., Payne, F.A., and Garrido, M.D. 2012. Textural and viscoelastic properties of pork frankfurters containing canola–olive oils, rice bran, and walnut. Meat Sci. 92:8-15.

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